Upcoming Events:  

  • May 18– Proctor Training 7:35, 2:30 and 4:30pm; Ringers and Singers Concert 5:30pm
  • May 19– JDRF Walk for Diabetes; PTA Board Mtg 7:45am; Proctor Training 9:30am
  • May 24– 2:30 4th Grade NC Presentations in Café; 5th Grade Talent Show Rehearsal
  • May 25– Student Library Books Due; 5th Grade Talent Show Rehearsal
  • May 26– 3rd-5th English Language EOG 9:15- 1:15– Free b’fast 3rd-5th
  • May 29– Memorial Day– School Holiday
  • May 30– 3rd-5th EOG for Math 9:15-1:15; Free b’fast 3rd-5th
  • May 31– 5th Grade EOG for Science 9:15-1:15; Free b’fast 5th only; Make up EOGs; delayed lunch 30 min
  • June 1– 6:00pm PTA Board of Directors Mtg
  • June 2– Walk to School Day; Golden Luncheon; 2:00 2nd Grade Wax Museum in Café
  • June 5– ELA Retest for select 3rd graders
  • June 6– 5th Grade Talent Show– AM
  • June 7– Field Day and Go for the Gold Celebration
  • June 8– K-4 Awards Day; EOG Scores home
  • June 9– 5th Grade Celebration 10:00, 4th Quarter Report Cards Go Home; Last day of School!


The dynamic duo Mr Scott and Mr Sanders are retiring from FWES on June 15th. These two custodians are such amazing team players who have contributed to our school in innumerable ways in the 15 years they have each been at Farmington Woods. We will miss them terribly, and would like to show our appreciation for their dedication with a joint retirement celebration on the 5th of June. You are invited to come to the celebration at 4:30pm and have your students bring a card or flower to express your family’s gratitude for their service. The PTA would like to give them gift cards for GAS (Mr Scott) and GOLF (Mr Sanders) as well, we would like to give them each a Visa gift card to spend on themselves as they see fit.
Please consider an online donation here: If you prefer to send in a check or cash donation, please place the money in an envelope with your name and your student’s name (first and last) and drop it in the blue PTA mailbox BEFORE June 1st.
Thanks for contributing and helping us show our gratitude to these two staff members for their service to our school!